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What is this series? How will it benefit me?

Stop scrolling. Put Netflix aside.
‍Breaking the Rules Of Business As Usual is a life changing series.

Dive into over 1000 minutes of video with co-hosts Hope and Julian.

Watch our life changing episodes on demand—insert into your day for inspiration.
Our  luminary guests will inspire and motivate.

These episodes will change you.
You may cry. The ground could shake.
New ideas will smack you between the eyes.
We’re not pretending. We are breaking the rules. Period.

Introducing the series - Insights from co-hosts

The Series Origin

Witness the spark between two humans on a mission—Hope & Julian.

From the moment they met, magic unfolded. By teaming up, Julian and Hope knew they could offer more to the world. They did just that by weaving their epic networks together and designing a rule breaking online series—poised to catalyze transformative connections.

Spend time with this unique online series. Feel as if you’re connected to leaders, luminaries, and rule breakers. A guaranteed side effect—you will explore new dimensions and challenge outdated and conventional thinking.

"Breaking the Rules of Business as Usual," an on demand series with 16+ hours of breakthrough content. Through candid and real conversations,
You will be teleported beyond what you’ve been conditioned.
Reimagine the possibilities
for your personal and professional evolution.
First step:
"Breaking the Rules of Business as Usual," an on demand series with 16+ hours of breakthrough content.  Viewers are teleported beyond what they’ve been conditioned. They’re inspired to reimagine the possibilities for personal and professional evolution.

Prepare to be moved, inspired, and forever changed. Dive into the series. Unleash the extraordinary in your life.

Over 16 Hours of  Video

Meet the Luminaries

Justin Faerman
Entrepreneur & Consciousness Researcher
Canay Atalay
Speaker & Conscious Business Model Coach
Tim Vieira
Education Innovator & Serial Entrepreneur
Catherine Farquharson
Transformation & Mindset Coach
Peter Tongue
Gene Keys Expert & Educator
Livi Redden
Speaker & Youth Coach
John Brancy
Grammy Award Winning Opera Singer
Tonthoza Uganja
Sustainable Farming Activist
Kipper Eldridge
Grammy-awarded musician & producer
Alessa Berg
Investor & Advisor to Impact-Focused Funds
Joel Solomon
Co-Founding Partner of Renewal Funds
Melissa Leithwood
Visionary Leadership Coach
Seth Blaustein
Founder & CEO of the Dollar Donation Club
Suzanne Raja
Co-founder and lead trainer of WarriorSage
Serj Hunt
Founder of City as a School & Entrepreneur
Stephanie Wang
Founder and CEO of KA! Empathogenics
Alan Boldon
Founder & CEO of Weave
David Subotic
Co-Founder of Greywood Venture Capital
Zack Embree
Transformation Coach
Barbara Ditlow
Human Design Analyst, Coach, & Teacher
Hamilton Souther
Master Shaman and Founder at Blue Morpho
Manuela Welton
Healing Facilitator & Artist

Meet Your Hosts

Julian Guderley

At 15, an exchange in Paraguay transformed Julian. A polyglot and conscious dreamer, he's the CEO of Alter Method and Co-founder of Alter Braintrust, challenging business norms and fostering personal realization. As an event curator, podcast host, and meditation and breathwork teacher, Julian shares his work globally. Focused on High Performance Coaching in the Economy of Care, he breaks down limiting beliefs and enhances natural strengths for holistic growth. As a regenerative catalyst, he guides companies and individuals towards impactful, heart-led progress.

Hope Paterson

From age 8, Hope's curiosity and independence sparked a lifelong global journey from the UK to Canada to Laos to Bali and back. She’s ventured in education, Agtech, Mindfulness and Ai and beyond. Hope amplifies the pulse of diverse ideas into action. A top coach, Co-Founder of Alter Braintrust and community catalyst, Hope empowers transformations and creates dynamic global networks. Her work catalyzes career, lifestyle, and educational transitions. Known as the Harmony Alchemist, Hope merges intuition with practical systems, concocting a potent elixir of possibilities for life.

What our Luminaries are Saying

I really believe that if it's just switching people's perspectives right from one side to the other, then that's it, then we are in that (brave new) world already.

Alessa Berg

Storytelling is the best technology I've ever discovered for how to create better futures.

Seth Blaustein

By the time I'm 88, it's all ahead and behind. I remember that while I'm in this period of time where I'm making a difference. I want it to be a difference that could ripple.

Catherine Farquharson

Humans are basically idea-to-reality creatures; we turn ideas into reality using art, science, and engineering.

Serj Hunt

For us, man or woman, to come back into the rhythm of the way things are, we must be in tune with our bodies.

Suzanne Raja

As a nearly 70-year-old, the fact that I'm still here and have the lifetime behind me of struggle and curiosity and questions and reinventing and trying again... I feel very privileged of the ripeness of the time that we're in.

Joel Solomon

Beyond the Series

Elevate Your Journey with Julian & Hope

Breaking The Rules isn't just a series—it's a catalyst for transformation. After diving into mind-bending ideas and absorbing microtruths, you've had a taste of the inspiration that awaits. But what if you could go even further, exploring the depths of your potential?

Welcome to Alter Braintrust Gnosis Coaching—a world steeped in luminaries and personal evolution. Imagine the impact of working directly with Hope, Julian, and the legends in their community. It's not just coaching; it's a journey of becoming your true self in today's world.

Don't just watch the shift—be the shift.

Apply now to elevate your journey.

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